Strategic marketing consulting in Munich and for foreign companies needing support in the German market

Our marketing consultation encompasses six essential steps that guarantee the success of an individual marketing strategy. During this process, we solve problems and identify potentials. We leverage our years of experience and creativity to develop the perfect and tailored online marketing mix for each client.

Six Steps to Success

1. Conversation

In our initial conversation - preferably over the phone - we would like to learn from you the essential starting points for an online marketing consultation. Subsequently, we typically conduct a more detailed discussion - preferably at your company - where we take ample time to thoroughly understand your services, markets, products, and target audience.

2. Analysis

After our conversation, the individual analysis begins. We delve deeper into your target audience and also try to learn more about your competitors. Simultaneously, we examine your unique selling points (USPs) and the opportunities to generate more visitors, sign-ups, and revenue for your website or online shop.

3. Strategy

We will work together to develop the online marketing strategy. Whether you have no marketing strategy and perhaps no website yet, or just need assistance with specific issues like Google Ads or social media, we can help you. With our experience in online marketing and web design, you will benefit from comprehensive consulting services.

4. Implementation

Either we implement the jointly developed online marketing strategy across all relevant marketing channels for you - from website creation to individual online marketing campaigns. Or we provide you with a ready-made concept that allows you to implement the marketing measures internally.

5. Reporting

The results of each marketing action and campaign are almost all measurable. With the regular and detailed reports you receive from us, you can track both the major and minor measures with numbers at any time. Consequently, you can optimize your advertising budget and save money.


Every marketing campaign can be optimized to achieve the best results. By using reporting tools, the various elements of online campaigns can be improved, and waste can be minimized. For example, in Google Ads, landing pages, ad text, keywords, and goals can be sensibly and sustainably optimized.
  • Strategic Online Marketing Consultation
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Marketing Seminars, Training, and Workshops
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO – being found on Google)
  • Affiliate Marketing and Advertising
  • Responsive Design for Mobile Websites
  • Conversion Optimization (more sign-ups, sales, revenue)
  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Gmail Ads (Google Email Ads)
  • (Back)Link Building
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • Remarketing and Display Ads
  • Development of Marketing Strategies
  • Quality Score Optimization (Google Ads)
  • Local Search Engine Optimization and Google Maps
  • Google Analytics (Reporting)
  • Google Shopping Results
  • Google AdSense (Banners on Your Website)
  • Google My Business (Business Page)
  • A/B Testing (Avoiding Waste)
  • Social Media Marketing (e.g., Facebook, Instagram)
  • LinkedIn Ads/XING Ads
  • Reputation Management and Monitoring
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Amazon SEO/SEA
  • Website Redesign Consultation
  • E-Commerce Solutions (Shop, Payment)
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