Online Marketing Consultation & SEO Agency in Munich

ganzVORNE is an all-around marketing agency for SMEs and freelancers.

No empty promises, just solid results.

Online Marketing Consultation & SEO Agency in Munich

ganzVORNE is an all-around marketing agency for SMEs and freelancers.

No empty promises, just solid results.

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Experience and expertise in strategic marketing consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as entrepreneurs in the Munich region, particularly for foreign companies aiming to establish a presence in the German market.

Operational implementation of customized online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google ads, landing pages, and email marketing.

Creation of professional WordPress websites and online shops with optimized search engine optimization (SEO) and responsive design for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. 

Who we are

As internet marketing consultants and web designers with 20 years of experience in the industry, we accompany small and medium-sized enterprises in the Munich region and beyond Germany’s borders (Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and even Mexico) in their transition to the digital era. We offer everything under one roof, in a clear and professional manner; from developing marketing strategies, through creating WordPress websites and online stores, to the operational implementation of marketing concepts and ensuring the best search engine results in Google’s organic index (Search Engine Optimization = SEO).

Why ganzVORNE


We offer our clients a very personal and tailored online marketing mix, customized to their target audience, to increase their sales, conversions, and visibility.


From proposal creation to reporting, we apply a transparent, meaningful, and understandable marketing strategy for the client - no jargon!


Marketing consultation and website design is a passion for us, based on years of solid experience in some of the most renowned international media companies.

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Our services at a glance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of search engine optimization is to improve visibility of websites within search engine results. In Germany, it primarily involves placements in the organic search index of Google.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Setup and optimization of Google Ads campaigns. All necessary measures are taken to minimize costs on Google Ads and maximize conversions such as revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Meaningful strategies that enable your company and brand to leverage social media (Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, XING, LinkedIn, etc.) to achieve specific individual marketing goals.

WordPress websites

The company's own website or an online shop forms the basis for successful online marketing. Our Company offers custom web design as well as technical implementation of websites using the CMS system WordPress.

Content Marketing (optimization)

Those who provide high-quality and relevant content on their company website score points with search engines and are rewarded with good placements in the search index. Therefore, Content Marketing should be on solid ground in every company.

Landingpages (optimization)

A landing page or destination page is a specially designed and optimized website that specifically promotes your products or services. Landing pages are primarily used in Google Ads campaigns and affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing (autoresponder)

Emails, especially autoresponders, are among the most effective tools in online marketing. However, sending promotional emails is subject to legal restrictions (GDPR) that must be observed.

Marketing success measurement

Web analytics (also called web controlling or traffic analysis) is an important tool for measuring success of various marketing activities. It provides insights into reach, visitor numbers, and the achievement of set goals.

Development and implementation of digital concepts

We measure success based on the results we achieve for our clients.

"Patrick has completely changed the process of making a new website. Instead of a slow, energy-consuming process, it turned to be a pleasant journey of discovering how smooth a website can work. Speed, SEO (search engine optimization) and layout are now exactly as I wished they would be. Great work and price-performance ratio".
Kunden von ganzVORNE: Jacco Wynia Pianist - Online Marketing Beratung und Webseiten MĂźnchen und Starnberg
Jacco Wynia
Dutch composer and pianist - DenBosch Netherlands
We have commissioned ganzVORNE to design a new WordPress website for our company and position it as high as possible on Google (SEO). The result: Within a few weeks, the new website has achieved top positions for all relevant search terms, was very fast, and is perfectly optimized for mobile devices.
Kunden von ganzVORNE: Luigi Diano Luna Glanz - Online Marketing Beratung und Webseiten MĂźnchen und Starnberg
Luigi Diano
Managing Director - Luna Glanz GmbH & Co KG: Gebäudereinigung Munich
"Thank you very much for the professional implementation of the marketing campaign for the brand "grimm spirit". The cooperation with ganzVORNE Online Marketing was extremely pleasant and greatly supported the sale of our products. After just a few weeks, we reached the top positions in Google's search index".
Kundenstimme grimmspirit - Online Marketing Beratung und Webseiten MĂźnchen und Starnberg
Adnan Alija
CEO grimm spirit - Die BarManufaktur &
CALL SOUL Bar Kitchen Munich

Marketing consultation and web design at fair prices

The pricing is based on the individual requirements of the client.

Initial consultation

  • Online marketing check
  • Positioning (SEO) check
  • Technical website check
  • Social Media & brand check

Company websites from

  • Marketing concept
  • Website programming
  • Modern webdesign
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Monthly care

  • Discounted package price
  • Continuous SEO maintenance
  • Technical support
  • e.g. Google Ads optimization
Patrick Polanski

Managing owner of ganzVORNE

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Frequently asked questions and answers

The free marketing consultation from ganzVORNE is always tailored to the needs of our customers. When someone contacts us to improve their website’s position in the organic search index of Google, we first address the reasons for the poor placement. These can be varied. However, if someone wants to improve the conversion rate of their online shop, the investigation criteria are naturally completely different. The approach is also different if someone needs tips to optimize their Google Ads account or for a better mobile presentation of their website. It’s best to call us and explain which problem we can help you with the most. You can find our contact details here:

Of course not. While our headquarters are located in Gauting near Munich (Starnberg district), our customers now come from all over Bavaria, Germany, and even from abroad. In addition to Munich and Starnberg, we have customers from Wolfratshausen, Lenggries, Taufkirchen, Markt Indersdorf, Landshut, Eichenau, Aschheim, Baldham, Ottobrunn, GrĂźnberg, GrĂśbenzell, Egelsbach near Frankfurt am Main, and Heilbronn. But we also have customers from far away places like San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), Den Bosch (Netherlands), or Warsaw (Poland).

Modern internet technology with its infinite connectivity options such as video conferences and meetings, or the provision of documents in a cloud, breaks geographical boundaries and makes our work completely independent of physical presence.

This question cannot be answered definitively. Creating a simple WordPress website (business card site with a few subpages) according to the client’s requirements typically takes only a week, provided that necessary materials such as texts and graphics are promptly provided. The majority of the work is invested in search engine optimization (SEO). More complex website projects typically take about 3 to 6 weeks. Integrating an online store using „WooCommerce“ requires an additional 2 to 3 weeks. It’s best to discuss your project over the phone and then estimate the effort more accurately. Here you can find our contact information.

If you have something to say – absolutely! In this case, create content that may be of interest to your target audience. With blog articles, you can reach your customers and potential customers, demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and most importantly, produce valuable editorial content for your website. The more high-quality content you have on your website, the more relevant Google will consider you to be for your industry. This means better positions in Google’s organic index for you, and in turn, more traffic to your website and potential customers.

The decision on what content should be on a company website and to what extent always depends on the industry and specific goals. There are certain elements that are now considered standard and are almost always recommended, as well as individual solutions. In general, the list of possibilities is very long: blog articles, content pages, newsletters, eBooks, forms and contact forms (also for lead generation), images and image galleries, portfolio galleries, documents, whitepapers, infographics, videos, podcasts, streaming services, seminars and other online courses, interactive content, surveys, maps, statistics, FAQs, microsites, landing pages, extra pages for social media portals like Instagram, online shops, games, etc. However, the most important insight is not to use as many of these elements as possible, but to choose the right ones. What you always need first is a content strategy – a plan on which target audience, with what content, and for what purpose you actually want to reach. In marketing, we talk about the „customer journey“, in which all phases are precisely defined, like a route planner. 

SEO, originating from English, stands for ‚Search Engine Optimization.‘ Translated, this refers to the optimization of search engines. All measures are aimed at getting websites and their content to appear in top positions in organic search engine rankings. Good positions in search engines, in Germany we usually refer only to Google, can be positively influenced by some measures. This increases the visibility and search volumes for the optimized websites, often leading to increased website traffic and revenue for a company. 

Social Media Marketing helps businesses share their own messages with a loyal audience. Connecting most social media with customers‘ personal and leisure environments makes it easier to reach them, especially if they already trust the brand through a ‚like‘ or ‚follow‘. Looking at the reach of individual social media providers, it becomes clear why it’s important to have a presence with original content. Facebook, with 2.7 billion active users worldwide, is by far the most relevant social network. Additionally, there are 500 million users on Instagram, a social media platform that is now owned by Facebook.